Classic Boat Connection Art Prints

Classic Boat Connection carries a variety of art prints that make great gifts [for others or your self!] As with all our items, these prints can be shipped directly to a third party for a Holiday or Birthday Present that your loved one will never forget.

These limited edition lithograph’s from the artist Darrell Bush are striking reminders of years gone by when classic wooden boats graced nearly every lake.

“Twilight's calm ” [15 1/4 x 29 ”]

TWILIGHT “Twilight's Calm ” lithograph on paper $150

“In the Wake of a Legend” [15 3/8 x 30”]

WAKE“In the Wake of a Legend” lithograph/paper {also available with a Canadian flag on the boats}$125

“Legends at Bay” [17 1/2 x 26 1/2”]

BAY “Legends at Bay” lithograph on paper $150