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HAT3 Classic Boat Connection 'I'd Rather Be Boating" Hat $17.95

HAT4 Chris Craft Authorized Post War Logo Hat $22.95

HAT5 Chris Craft Authorized Pre War Logo Hat $22.95

SLIPPERS Classic Mahogany Runabout Slippers $17.95

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Classic & Antique Boat Books

The Real Runabouts Series 

This series of books, written by Bob Speltz, is considered the best all around source for the large multitude of manufacturers of wooden runabouts. Speltz’s work in unrivaled in its breadth. Contained in these seven volumes is information on 270 different boat builders. No other books in the field come even close These informative and entertaining books are loaded with photos of hundreds of classic boats. Whether you are buying these books for yourself or as a gift for someone else [hint, friends and family of classic boat lovers], these books will bring you hours of enjoyment.

We are sold out of volumes 1,2,3,4.

Volume 5

Chris Craft speedboats from 1961-68 including Ski Boat, Continental, Capri, Sportsman, Holiday, Skijet, Caravelle, Super Sport, Grand Prix, and SS283 Ski Boat. Also some early Chris Crafts from 1921-55.

REAL5 Real Runabouts Volume 5 $40

Volume 6

Albany, Belle Isle, Beverly, Wise, Eddy, Reed Craft, Hunter, Pacesetter, Stanley, Welch, Morin-Craft, Gilbert, Barnes, Woodard-MacRea, Clive Brown, Matlo, Sea Swift, and more.

REAL6 Real Runabouts Volume Six $40

Volume 7 Gar Wood, Schillo, Lee Craft, Playboy, Mac Bay, Barnes Brothers, Morin, Gilbert, Aarnprior, Brougham, Pedrazzini, Corsier Port. Current builders include Alagante, Hugh Saint, Clarion, Northeast Stanley, Spencer, Brookins, James Anthony, Elite Craft.

REAL7 Real Runabouts Volume 7 $30

Real Runabouts Index

The Real Runabouts has always been one of the best sources for information on the classic wooden runabout world. The only problem would be finding the specific information you were looking for in the seven volumes. This index will help you find were to look for what. It includes chapter headings for each volume, an index of boat builders, and information where particular references are within the seven volumes. This 16 page guide will save you hours of time looking through the series searching for your needed information. You just look up what you need in the index and go to the specific volume and page of the series.

REALGD Real Runabouts Index $6

Real Runabouts Review of Canoes

A look at cedar planked and canvas covered classic canoes. Softcover, 72 pages.

REALCAN Real Runabouts Canoes $15

GarWood Boats, Classics of a Golden Era

This is the definitive chronicle of what many consider the finest line of classic wooden boats, and the industrial genius behind them, Gar Wood. It includes the story of Wood’s six year partnership with Christopher Columbus Smith along with the 25 years of boat building rivalry between these two boat building giants. It is written by Anthony Mollica, founder of the Gar Wood Society and former director of the Antique and Classic Boat society. The book contains 120 color and black and white photos and vintage art.

GARWOOD Gar Wood Boats book $39.95

Dodge Boats

Dodge Boats is a must-have for any boating enthusiast who wishes to take a spin back through a powerful boating era. In the antique powerboat world, Dodge ranks as one of the most prolific builders of all time. Inside, readers will find the dramatic story of how one of America’s elite automobile families poured its heart, soul, and personal fortune into developing some of the finest handling and most powerful boats of their time. This hardcover book is 8-1/4" x 10-5/8" 128 page and has 80 color 40 black and white photographs.It is loaded with history, details, and secrets of Dodge’s rise and fall, this book features never-before published photos and accounts culled from the recently discovered personal scrapbooks of Horace Dodge, Jr. It covers all types of Dodge boats: triple cockpit speedboats, utilities, cabin utilities, cruisers, commuters, race boats, and military applications. A look back at Dodge’s full-force assault on the powerboat scene, and how and why it succeeded.

DODGEBK Dodge Boats hardcover book $29.95

Understanding Wood

This book tells you about wood itself, and how to work with it and not against. The book’s author, R. Bruce Hoadley is considered by many to be the world’s leading wood technologist, as well as an accomplished woodworker. The book begins by explaining how the life and growth of the tree affect the wood’s figure and appearance, then explores the interaction of water and wood, and ways to cope with wood movement. He also deals with topics such as rot resistance, machining, bending, finishing and protecting wood. In short, Hoadley’s seminal work [which has recently been completely revised and updated] should be read by everyone who wants to understand the major component of their classic boat, wood.

WOODBK Understanding Wood: A Craftsman’s Guide$39.95

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