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Classic Boat Connection 2024 Supplies Catalog

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Page 1 [Includes Classic Flooring, Chris Craft Decals, Crash Pad, Pennants, Burgees, Yacht Ensigns]

Page 2 [Includes Silicon Bronze Screws, Chrome Screws, Statutory Bronze Screws, Frearson Drill Bits.]

Page 3 [Includes Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts, Nuts, and Washers, Strut Bolts, Finishing Washers, Nails Cylinder head studs].

Page 4 [Interlux Chris Craft, Century, Garwood, and Natural Filler Stains, Sandusky Filler Stains, Pettit 1959 Hard Racing Bronze Bottom Paint, Interlux Y999 Antifouling Bottom Paint, Topside Enamels and Brightside Primer, Chris Craft Mahogany and Gray Bilge Paint, Pettit Clear Sealer, 3M Fine Line Tape, Bootstripe Paint, and Jasco Marine Stripper.]

Page 5 Includes: Mahogany Bungs, Countersink Kits, Sikaflex Caulk, Famowood Wood Putty, Empty Caulk Tubes, Life Caulk Git-Rot].

Page 6 [Smith's CPES Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, Smith'sTropical Hardwood Epoxy, Fill-It Epoxy Filler, and Clean-Up Solvent. 3M Respirators, Interlux Interprotect 2000E Barrier Coat, 3M 5200 Caulk.]

Page 7 [Sanding, Staining, Sealing, and Varnishing Directions, Sanding Boards and Sandpaper.]

Page 8 [Epifanes Varnish, Wood Finish Gloss, Brushing and Spraying Thinners, Varnish Accelerator and Easy-Flow, and Epifanes Natural Bristle Brushes.]

Page 9 [Epifanes Roller Cover, Handle and Trays, Epifanes Matte and Rubbed Effect Varnish, Epifanes Rapidclear and Rapid Coat, Epifanes Yacht Enamel and Varnishing Tips.]

Page 10 [Midwest Boat Appeal Ad.]

Page 11 [Katz's Marina Ad.]

Page 12 [Fuel Pumps, Fuel Sending Units, Gaskets and Gasket Sets, Exhaust Elbows and Exhaust Rope, Generators and Generator Parts, Starters Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wire Sets.]

Page 13 [Tune-Up Parts, Zenith, Carter and Rochestor Carburetor Kits, Rebuilt Distributors, Pertronix Electronic Ignition Kits, and Coils.]

Page 14 [Water Pumps and Impellors, Water Pump Grease, Tach Cables, Tach Reverse Adaptors, Choke Cables, Fuel Water Separators and Transmission Oil Seals, and Chris Craft Valve Cover Engine Decals.]

Page 15 [Bow and Stern Poles, Stern Light fixtures and Replacement Bulbs, Chocks and Cleats, Stern Deck Sockets, Braided Dock Lines, Hatch Supports, Bowlights and lens,  and Iva Light Replacement Bulbs.]

Page 16 [Windshield brackets, Windshield Rubber and Gasket, CCC Arrows, Step Pads and Frames, Black Alligator Vinyl, Push Pull Switches, Gas Caps and Capchains, Classic Style Wire Continental and Capri Hull Side Letters and 2 Part Trim.]

Page 17 [Exhaust Manifolds Gas Cap Trim Ring, Steering Wheel Horn Button, Starter Buttons, Chris Craft Wave Emblem, Chromed 11/16" Metal Bow Poles, Aluminum 1" Bow Poles, Bow Light Lenses, Space Ship Stern Glove lenses, Liftrings, Engine Tags and Hull Tags.]

Page 18 [Props, Prop Shafts, Prop Shaft Couplers, Prop Pullers, Strut Bearings, and Flax Packing.]

Page 19 [West System Products,Chris Craft Antique Boat Club Ad.]

Page 20 [Hatch Binding, Piano Hinge, Stem Bead, Bilge Pumps, Bilge Blowers, Thru Hulls Dock Lines.]

Page 21 [Fax and Mail Order Form.]

Page 22 [Registration letters, Classic Runabout Hat, Classic Runabout Slippers, Chris Craft Hats, Boat Trailers, Steering Wheels.]

Page 23 [Catalog Index and Part Buying and Selling Information, Return and Warranty Policy.]

Page 24 [Classic Boat Connection contact information.]

Page 25 [Engine and Carburetor manuals, parts lists, wiring diagrams.]

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